In Alvora Tactics there are 23 unlockable classes, each with 7 abilities. Let’s take a look at some examples:

Warrior – Heavily armed soldier trained in melee combat.

Shove – Push the enemy back with your melee weapon.
Charge – Rush forward and attack with your melee weapon.
Smash – Attack recklessly for extra damage, but at 2/3 accuracy.
Guard – Halve incoming physical damage for a short time.
Brave – Increase Physical Attack power for a short time.
Bide – Prepare a delayed, but extra strong attack.
Battlecry – Demoralize enemies in front of you.

Scout – Agile explorer with a basic but versatile skillset.

Firestarter – Set an adjacent target on fire
Swift – Deal half damage with increased accuracy.
Trip Up – Trip an enemy to reduce their Move speed for a turn.
Spot – Reduce an enemy’s evasion and defense for a few turns.
Throw Stone – Chuck a stone at the enemy.
First Aid – Perform basic healing on someone adjacent.
Sidestep – Move a few tiles and increase your evasion for a bit.

Scholar – Apprentice to all forms of magic.

Study – Reveal a creature’s elemental weaknesses & resistances.
Flame – Hurl a ball of fire at the target.
Bolt – Shoot lightning in a straight line.
Frost – Deal ice damage in a small area.
Gust – Push and deal wind damage in a cone.
Focus Energy – Energize a spot to heal an ally or hurt enemies.
Prayer – Recover MP for yourself and nearby allies.

Guardian – Indomitable fighter trained in defensive arts.

Mighty Block – Protect the target from all physical damage.
Hold the Line – Push and damage foes in an arc before you.
Impair – Damage a target and reduce its attack power.
Wide Guard – Halve incoming physical damage on adjacent allies.
Discipline – Cure status effects on yourself and allies.
Rally –  Raise allies’ morale in a small area.
Resuscitate – Revive an adjacent ally with 10% HP.

Unmaker – Dark mage that shreds essence using Ruin magic.

Ruin Touch – Melt skin. Extra damage to enemies with debuffs.
Decay – Causes enemies to take big Ruin damage if not healed.
Drain – Steal HP from an adjacent target.
Wither – Disable a target so that it cannot Act for a while.
Shroud – Blind enemies in a small area.
Soulburn – Reduce enemy MP in an area.
Despair – Demoralize all enemies near you.

When you gain XP in a class, you can use it to unlock or upgrade one of their abilities. Each character can equip 2 classes’ ability sets at a given time. Every class also has 3 or more passive abilities to unlock.

Above are only 5 of the 23 classes. Every class stays strong and useful throughout the game, so when you discover an advanced class, you may find it pairs best with one you’ve already invested in!

Try to find the best combination for your playstyle, and build a devastating team!