Alvora Tactics includes 10 playable races, each with a special ability.


Humans are not especially powerful or common, but they are sturdy, adaptable, and persistent.

Ability: +10% XP


Fareem are known for their powerful and agile serpentine tail. The rest of their body is covered in feathery plumage.

Ability: Moves farther, but acts slightly slower than humans


Aphest are imposing horned beasts with powerful digitgrade legs. They are known for being both soft-spoken and quick to anger.

Ability: Moves farther, increased attack power, but acts slower than humans


Buralk are an insectoid race with no vocal cords, and are thus looked down upon. Despite this they are quite resilient and intelligent.

Ability: Increased defenses


Faceless humanoids that ‘see’ by sensing essence around them. They wear masks to better integrate into society.

Ability: Immune to Blind & Silence, and are less susceptible to being flanked


Scuri are bipedals with a mixture of feline, vulpine, and musteline features.

Ability: Acts slightly faster than humans


Wilderi are the dominant race of Limroft. Their jagged back spikes protect them from sneak attacks.

Ability: Increased attack power, and takes less damage from back attacks

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